Good morning friends, and happy Friday! I’m here in my small corner of New Mexico having a second cup of coffee in my jammies. Sounds cozy, right? Yeah…not really. I’m currently sharing my chair with a 45 pound, one-eyed pit bull named Murdock. Doesn’t leave much room for me. My left foot is asleep, and I would love to give it a good flex to wake it up, but Murdock is using it as a pillow. When I try to move it, he pulls it back in with his paw.

It’s been a busy week but, sadly, not overly productive. I can place the blame for that squarely on my husband. For Christmas, Jeff gave me a Cricut Explore Air 2, a scan and cut machine, and I am obsessed! I enjoy crafting – it is my second favorite creative outlet – and he rightly thought I would enjoy adding the Cricut machine to my outrageously large collection of crafting tools. Curse you, Jeffery Allison, for knowing me so well! It took some time (and dozens of YouTube videos) for me to learn the ins and outs of how to use it, but now I am unstoppable! I’m designing projects in my sleep! When I sit down to work, that machine with its plastic casing in my favorite color of blue only inches away begins to whisper to me, a persistent beckoning that the responsible part of my brain tries to ignore.
“Come on, Lori,” it breathes. “That t-shirt you’re wearing looks so plain and sad. A 5 inch iron-on of a paw print with a snarky quote – in black glitter – is only a few key strokes away, and then WON’T IT DAZZLE!!”
“Leave me alone, you Cricut,” I say. “I’m a hard-working writer. There are words that must be written, a story to craft and to build. Sure, you are amazing fun to play with, and I get a light-headed thrill from the scent of vinyl as it rolls through you. What does it matter that I lapse into a hypnotic state just watching your blade slice the images I’ve created from the adhesive material, that weeding the excess from the design is more relaxing and satisfying than a long soak in a hot bath. I must resist your frivolous charms and type, type, type the words that will become my novel.”

Unfortunately, this week, the Cricut was victorious. However, I now possess a new personalized insulated tumbler, an etched wine glass and a vinyl decal depicting Jeff, me and our dogs as zombies that I will, one day, display on the back window of my Honda.

Yeeeaaaahh. Better save the Cricut projects for weekends. Guess I’d better get to work now. I have some catching up to do! Have a great weekend, everyone!